The dangers of migration

Mr. Moustapha Dia, a Senegalese, taught at the Diam Ly school where Sr. Victorine Bulangalire works.  He was the eldest leader of the Maison du Quartier, and my close collaborator. He left for the Canary Islands, by boat.  We have learned that he has died.
According to one of his friends who was travelling with him, Moustapha died on the 3rd day of the trip. The boat lost its way and was adrift for 12 days when it was found and rescued by the Canary Islands Red Cross (Spain) who took care of the survivors. Read more.

Hydra in Algiers and the Migrants

Sr Valérie participated in the Zoom meeting on sisters’ commitment against human trafficking. It was an enriching experience. She summarized it for the other sisters at the weekly community meeting. This opened up a long discussion on the local situations here in Algeria. Lire la suite →

From Ghardaia (Algeria) visits to prisoners

Sr Mari Angeles Yániz

Every two weeks Sr Mari Angeles Yaniz go with Fr. Sam Théophile to visit the foreign prisoners who are in Laghouat prison. They have between 22 to 26 people at each meeting. They wait for them with great desire and they form a family. They had to stop the visits because of the coronavirus.
In Ghardaïa prison I met two young Cameroonians, who were later transferred to Ouargla prison. We contacted the chaplains of Ouargla, who integrated them well into their group. After this transfer I returned to Ghardaia prison to ask if there were any other Christians, but they said there were none.
 Lire la suite →

Videos: The Difference Makers

Sr Joanna Dekers with Lotte

The MSOLA from the Netherlands have made a series of videos titled “The difference makers”. Dialogue between young and old. One or two MSOLA engaged in conversation with young people who have the same passion for a particular theme or field. 
The videos are in Dutch with English subtitles.
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Outdoor camp in Nouakchott (Mauritania)

Mme. Chilo, the principal of the school where the Maison du Quartier (Neighbourhood House) is located, gave the green light to the Maison du Quartier team to set up an Outdoor Centre in August.
Until the end of July teaching was done at a distance. So when the holidays came after five months of confinement, the children couldn’t wait to get out of their homes and do manual things.
In collaboration with the Accueil Écoute cell, Sr. Celina obtained masks and disinfection products for the Maison du Quartier… Lire la suite →

The Lublin (Poland) community and JPIC-ED

The commitments in Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation and Encounter and Dialogue with other cultures and religions of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa (MSOLA) in the Lublin community in Poland.
Once a month, Anafrida Biro goes to the prison to accompany the prisoners and pray with them. The prisoners who need someone to talk to wait for her with joy. . Lire la suite →

Commitment of La Marsa community in Tunisia

The last day of July, the festival of Eid Kebir, was not very joyful, given the context: the economic situation did not allow everyone to buy a sheep for the feast.
The difficulty of movement (Covid-19 directives) did not allow the usual contacts. However, a long time friend sent us the traditional couscous!
A neighbourhood association linked to Caritas organized various summer activities during the school holidays for the nearly 50 young people: educational workshops in French; language learning workshops, Arabic and English… Lire la suite →

The Salomé Centre in Tandale (Dar-es-Salaam – Tanzania)

At the Salome Center in Tandale, the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa offer young women without a family, without studies, without a future, often from the villages, the possibility to get some training. Lire la suite →

A woman from Delwende is reintegrated in her family

Women cultivating the vegetable garden at Delwende.

Sr.Vickness Muleya shared her joy with her community when a woman from the Delwende Centre was reintegrated into her family after time spent at the Centre. It is our hope that she may feel happy with her family again. Lire la suite →

The tree planting project in Nouakchott (Mauritania)

July 11 was the launch of tree planting by the Islamic-Christian group (ICG), in collaboration with the Association ‘Children of the Sun’ in the suburbs of Arafat. Sr.Celina, who is the initiator of the « One tree per family » project, is also the head of the Islamic-Christian group.
On the first day of the tree planting, Sr Celina with Victorine, Fr Victor the chaplain of the group, Sr.Marie Jesus, Daughter of Charity, four other members and a young Christian man joined the ‘Children of the Sun’ group to participate in the work of land preparation. . Lire la suite →

Gumo (Ghana) planting trees

The MSOLA community of Gumo received a large donation of small trees and plants from an individual. We had the joy of sharing them with our parish. Lire la suite →

Gumo (Ghana) Flood in our Parish

The village of Naawuni in the North of Ghana was affected by heavy flooding which destroyed many houses, leaving people in anguish and sadness. Lire la suite →

Season of creation 2020 in Nouakchott MSOLA community

In community, we marked the season of creation with a day of recollection in line with the Global Catholic Climate Movement, GCCM, on September 12-13 and a week of prayer with creation. Lire la suite →

Tandale (Dar-es-Salaam) prostitution: a challenge 

Hyena Square Tandale © Jeffrey Porter

In the parish of Tandale, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania there is a place called « Uwanja wa fisi », Hyena Square, where near bars, small restaurants and hairdressers, women sell their bodies as merchandise… It is a famous place for prostitution in Dar es Salaam. 
Passing by to meet these women, saying to herself « Lord, I know you are already here! » Sr. Cecylia Bachalska discovered that these women caught up in prostitution have a very close relationship with Jesus! Read more. 

Remaining with a few children during the Covid-19 at Malindi (Kenya)

Before the Covid-19 Pandemic, at the Pope Francis Rescue Centre we had 43 children but on the 20th March, we were asked by the Government to move most of the children elsewhere and remain only with those who were admitted by Court Order and those with difficult cases especially incest, whose families are not ready to receive them back. Lire la suite →

Advocacy activities in Gumo (Ghana)

On October 7 to 11, 2017 the major superiors of Ghana had a seminar on advocacy for justice. The biggest concern that emerged was the phenomenon of the Kayayei (female porter) where poor young Ghanaian women, age 7 years and above, migrate to larger cities to carry traders’ and shoppers’ wares and purchases on top of their heads for little money. Lire la suite →

Solwodi-Germany shares with Solwodi-Kenya during the Coronavirus

In Germany, despite the closing of brothels on March 16, prostitution continues and affected women are asking us for help, because their situation has worsened. In Kenya the monthly income averages only 114 euros. This makes buying basic food a big problem for many people, as the price for a kilo of rice is 1.29 euros. Lire la suite →

Struggle against human trafficking in Quebec 

Our General Chapter of 2011 recommended that we  »intensify our commitment to the service of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation and make it the common thread that runs through all our missionary commitment » 
Reading the Congregation’s newsletters, I am very impressed by the number of our sisters
who have committed themselves to the fight against human trafficking by doing prevention
work and caring for the victims. I share with them, as I represent our America Entity in the Action Committee against Internal and International Human Trafficking (CATHII ). Read more.

Gumo (Ghana) fights human trafficking

Gumo community is quite committed in their fight against human trafficking.
Prosperine, Caritas and Sabine followed the online course on Human Trafficking and Project
Management offered by St. Leo University from January to April. They are very happy with
the training and the important tools acquired.
Sabine is part of the Street Invest Network coalition. Although due to the coronavirus they were unable to carry out their plans for the International day of Street Children, Read more.  

Welcome and Solidarity Center at Agrigento (Sicilia – Italy)

Since 15th October 2019, we no longer have any direct activity with immigrants, because the Centre where we were allowed to meet with migrants has closed down. So, from that moment on « we found
ourselves without work ». We tried to go to other centres… but it was not possible. Two days a week I went to a soup kitchen frequented by poor local people as well as people from other countries of Africa
and elsewhere… Read more.

In the Fields of Booz : discussions with women during the lockdown

The 50 days of confinement with WhatsApp were for me an opportunity to marvel at the richness
of heart of the female asylum seekers of the Fields of Boaz Association, where I have usually been going two days a week for the past 8 years.
Here are some of their reactions to the first of my messages which included photos of the flowers in our garden. I wrote to them:
« Happy new day of lockdown! Nature is so beautiful that I share it with you ».
From her country in Africa, she went all the way to China to buy T-shirts ordered by the opponents of the re-election
of her country’s dictator. Threatened with death, she had to flee. Read more.

Day of African solidarity in Tunis

May 1st was a day filled with work and hope for migrants in Tunis. Radio Tunisienne Canal International (RTCI), and Radio Libre Francophone (RLF) Média, a structure created by young sub-Saharans in Tunisia to promote the French language and the culture of French-speaking countries in Tunisia, in partnership with the African Solidarity Unit COVID19 , which brings together all groups or associations of sub-Saharan Africans, and under the patronage of the Ministry of Human Rights in Tunisia, organized a historic day: « RTCI Day of African Solidarity for Migrants ». Read more.

Discovering the Migrant community in Algiers

Sr Hortencia Sizalanda has made many discoveries in her mission at Caritas Migrants Pole with her brothers and sisters on the migration route. She tells us about it:
I had to look for accommodation for four families, three ofthem staying at Caritas who have to leave the place because they have chosen Algeria as theirdestination country, so they are no longer in migration…the others are waiting their refugeestatus from the UNHCR. A Caritas exit project had to be made. Read more.

Beginning of a transformation at Kinteko (Butare – Rwanda)

Cette image a un attribut alt vide ; le nom du fichier est leocadie-women-kitengo-cut.jpg
Sr Leocadie meets the women and young people
in Kinteko.

Kinteko, a subparish of the cathedral, is not far from our Butare community.
Despite being close to the town, its population is very peripheral, with plenty of unemployed young people and many young single mothers. They are known to be very difficult and very poor materially, humanly and spiritually. Material poverty adds a heavy burden to the difficulties of family life which sometimes becomes hell. The first victims, the children, desert the family home while very young to live adventures in the city, turn to drugs , become criminals and an easy prey of human traffickers. The population of Kinteko is somehow left to itself. Read more.

Participating in the life of disadvantaged people at Bunamwaya (Kampala) in Uganda

Cette image a un attribut alt vide ; le nom du fichier est lost-city-kampala.png
Lost City area.

Throughout the year Theopista and the prepostulants have participated regularly in praying the Rosary, the Way of the Cross and in other celebrations and activities in two special places in our area : at Namugongo Bunamwaya and Lost City (two disadvantaged areas). These are the places where people, especially youth, addicted to drugs and alcohol, live with their families.
Read more.

Solidarity in Delwende (Burkina Faso) during Covid-19

Cette image a un attribut alt vide ; le nom du fichier est vickness-nangogo-muleya.jpg
Sr Vickness Nangongo
Muleya, MSOLA.

In Delwende (Ouagadougou) Sr Vickness Nangogo Muleya, director of the Delwende Center in Sakoula, asked to stay at the center during the pandemic, in order to accompany the rejected women accused of witchcraft and to ensure their protection against Covid-19.

The Delwende center welcomes mostly women, but there is also a few men who have been chased from their villages accused of witchcraft.

Sr Vickness shares her experience: « I saw their faces light up and at the same time they were surprised that I came to stay with them at this difficult time.

They were surprised to see me there the whole day and night but their faces were shining. In my heart it was like a dream and I was in awe of what was happening. Read more.

Solidarity during Covid-19 at Ottawa, Canada

Cette image a un attribut alt vide ; le nom du fichier est ghislaine-with-afr-friend.png
Sr Ghislaine with an African friend

Coronavirus has two faces: one that is evil and one that is positive. It gives us this time to take stock, to reflect, to question ourselves.
This last face has led me to join people who are alone and who live in anxiety and distress, women I know. They are of different nationalities, which enriches our sharing.
Also, I have again taken up my guitar, which I had abandoned these last few years.
Presently I am working on a mosaic of the Visitation.

Sr Ghislaine Dubé from the MSOLA Ottawa community.

« Main dans la main »: with hospitalized children in Paris

Cette image a un attribut alt vide ; le nom du fichier est avec-lenfant-floute-sans-le-tour-orange.jpg
Sr. Huguette Regenas with a hospitalized child.

As a teacher of young children by training, and now retired, Sr Huguette Régennass, MSOLA, from the Sceaux community in France, has looked for a way to return to the world of the little ones that she loves so much. She tells us about it.
Since January 2015, I have been involved in the teams of « Main dans la Main », an association of volunteers who are present to children in the hospital in order to improve the quality of life of the child and the family, in collaboration with the medical and nursing staff. The 600 volunteers of « Main dans la Main » provide, attentive presence and listening and are available every day, including weekends and holidays, in 40 pediatric wards of 9 hospitals in Paris and its region. Read more.

Fascinating work with Mathew in Paris

Cette image a un attribut alt vide ; le nom du fichier est mathew.png

For two and a half years I’ve been visiting an autistic child in Paris. « Mat » is now nine years old and has been partially integrated into school for a few months. This is thanks to the application of an educational method « Autisme Espoir Vers l’Ecole » called the three I’s: Individual, Intensive and Interactive based on
games. We are a whole team of about fifteen volunteers to play with « Mat » for 1½ hours a week. We are accompanied by a psychologist who meets with us every 6 weeks. She herself comes to play with  » Mat « . Read more.

Formation to the Islam-Christian Dialogue at Gitega (Burundi)

Participants at the Islamo-Christian Dialogue session.

One of the apostolic orientations of the congregation is « interreligious and intercultural encounter and dialogue ».
In our neighbourhood of Gitega there are many Muslims whom we meet every day on the street, in the market, and during our visits… or we welcome them at the Our Lady of Africa Health Centre and in the high schools.
In the community we have become aware of the need for formation to know Islam and to learn how to dialogue.
We spoke with the Bishop and he proposed to us Fr. Valentin Nsabimana from Burundi, who studied Islamology at the PISAI in Rome. We considered it important to invite for this formation the priests of our parish and the 2 congregations that live in our neighborhood: the Sisters of the Family of Nazareth and the Camelian Brothers. Read more.

International women’s day: Tales of Wonder in Boxtel (The Netherlands)

Sr Willemien van Berkel, Smnda

The liturgy of 7th March, on the eve of Women’s Day, gave us the opportunity to share with women from other religions. Since we live in the ‘Worldhouse’ with persons of different cultures and beliefs, we decided to invite some of them to participate in our liturgy that day.
To our great surprise, the women were not only enthusiastic, but showed real appreciation and respect for having been invited.
Two of us, Sr Willemien and Sr Gerda, started the invitations by visiting the Indonesian ward, where there are 2 Moluccan residents. We received a resounding ‘yes’ to our proposal.
Read more.

Teaching French and more… in Paris

Monique de La Chevrelière with the Asian students

Sr Monique de La Chevrelière teaches French as a volunteer to young Asian beginners, at the Centre France-Asie (CFA), sponsored by the Society of Foreign Missions of Paris (MEP).
Due to the corona virus and the cramped conditions of the premises, the Centre was closed and will only reopen in September. It is nondenominational and operates in a spirit of openness that is totally evangelical.
This year I was welcomed into an Islamic-Christian group « The tamed hearts ». Founded by the Syrian
Khaled Roumo, a writer and poet whom I had known with his wife in the years 77-78, while in the Gay-Lussac community. This group lives spiritual friendship among believers and meets every month to bear witness to the spiritual journeys of each one of them.

Ramadam Karem at La Marsa (Tunisia)

We accompanied our Muslim brothers and sisters during their Ramadan, lived this year in a
way very different from their customs, without prayers at the mosque, without vigils and family
It was different for us too, because we could not go to meet them in their homes after the
end of the fast, as is customary.

Together with Maryam in Montreal (Canada)

Encounter of Muslims and Christians to celebrate Maryam. After the prayer there was a time of friendship and a cocktel to know one another.

This year the international event: Together with Maryam, which has been celebrated in Montreal since 2017, was made official in the Archdiocese by the presence of the Episcopal Vicar Alain Mongeau, who addressed the sixty or so participants. Basing his words on Sura 3:42-27 and Luke 1:34-35, he commented: « As with Mary, is not the most important human experience first of all to recognize God’s work within oneself, to recognize it in the other and then, in the history and progress of the world? By
welcoming the angel’s message, Miriam/Marie reconciles profound humanity and the divine breath within herself. Basically, Read more.

Gardening and planting trees in Nouakchott community

We take advantage of this time of lockdown to garden and to learn from each other.
We have planted banana and cassava trees to hide our neighbours’ overflowing pits.
Following the Pope’s invitation we marked Laudato Si week with prayer and with a change in how we see things.
We are also forming ourselves by better preparing the Eucharistic celebrations and prayer. We continue to help the parish in the preparation and distribution of food parcels to the needy.
Thanks to the help of the diocese given to all religious communities and parishes in Mauritania, we have distributed food parcels to 30 families.
We keep in touch with our acquaintances by telephone and prayer.
The Nouakchott SMNDA community in Mauritania.

Raising awareness about use of plastics in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

In January 2019, Sr Hélène Kavula, in collaboration with two other nurses colleagues, sensitized the women who sell water and food in plastic bags and then throw the bags into the courtyard of the Toécé health center, so that they gather the plastics and maintain de courtyard clean.

Opening a Home for Migrants in Algiers

I am engaged in the project Caritas Algiers to work with migrants. On Ash Wednesday I experienced the move of some migrants who are in convalescence and are being cared for by Caritas. They have been living in the residence … Lire la suite →

Migrants Return from Algeria to their countries of origin

Every foreigner living in Algeria who does not have a valid visa risks going to prison and has to pay a fine.  In no way can the person leave Algerian territory without having paid the fine and served the jail … Lire la suite →

MSOLA Commitments with Migrants in Bobo-Dioulasso

In the Diocese of Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) On 19th January 2020, this year’s diocesan day for migrants and displaced persons was celebrated in the parish of St. Antoine de Yegueresso in Bobo Dioulasso where there are about 1500 persons displaced … Lire la suite →

Getting to know the other different, in view of deeper encounter

The diocese of Ghardaia invited Chantal Vankalck to give a session on Islamology. The ten participants, coming from 5 continents, arrived in the communities of Ouargla, Touggourt, Hassi Messaoud and Ghardaia. Along them were Danielle and Maria Angeles of Ghardaia … Lire la suite →

From Ghardia in Algeria: Fraternal encounter in spite of different faiths

Angèle, Aurélie and M. Angeles share with us their fraternal encounter of friendship with a Muslim family: The friendship between Madame N. and Scholastique Makita began when N. followed some courses at our house. But Scholastique had never entered N.’s … Lire la suite →

Ecumenical celebration in Montreal

In Montreal, the Armenian Apostolic Cathedral of St.Gregory the Illuminator hosted the celebration organized by the Canadian Ecumenical Center on Sunday 19th January 2020 to mark the beginning of the week of prayer for Chritian unity.  Pierrette Renaud, Suzanne Plouffe, … Lire la suite →

Rejoicing on the International Day for Women’s Righst in Kalabankura (Bamako – Mali)

At the beginning of March, Marichu and the teachers at the Women’s Centre of Kalabankura celebrated Women’s day by feasting and relaxing in the park of Bamako with a group of domestic helpers who are doing their training at our … Lire la suite →

The parish feasts women on the International Day for Women’s Rights in Nouakchott

On 8th mars, International Women’s Day, Nouakchott community participated in the event organized by the reception/listening committee of the parish. A good number of women from our various places of apostolate were present.  After Mass, we gathered in a restaurant … Lire la suite →

Planting Trees in Nouakchott, Our Way of Caring for the Earth

Motivated by the experiences of gardening and the tree nursery with the children of the ‘Neighborhood House’, we decided to plant trees with the people. The Islamo-Christian group (GIC) wanted to sponsor an activity with the Mauritanians. Yahya, a young … Lire la suite →

Small Steps for Ecology by MSOLA in Canada and the U.S.

The sisters of Canada and the U.S. all worked on the encyclical « Laudato si ». In response to the Pope’s call, they made various commitments for the care of creation which they share with us.  In Beauport, last September, four sisters … Lire la suite →

Raising Awareness About the Environment

The pre-postulants of Gumo community participated in a seminar, together with the young members of several congregations from the 5 dioceses of northern Ghana.  We participated in three workshops: self-knowledge and knowledge of others, leadership,   and environment. During the last … Lire la suite →

The JPIC commitments of the sisters of Montpellier community

We want to share with you the JPIC-activities in which the members of the community of Montpelier Court are involved on a regular basis. Marion Carabott is a volunteer at Bakhita House, which is a refuge for trafficked women. She … Lire la suite →

Strategic Plan of Action for JPIC for the religious of Mali

Vicky Chiharhula and Brigitte Zawadi belong to the JPIC-DI (Dialogue Interreligieux) committee of Bamako Diocese.  Fr.Nicolas MAfr is in charge of this commission on diocesan level. Vicky and Brigitte have just begun their mandate as members of JPIC-DI animation committee … Lire la suite →

Alternatives for dignity and justice

This was the theme of the Conference on Justice and Solidarity, Mission and Cooperation organized by CONFER, the Union of Religious in Spain. The speakers proposed reflections on eco-feminism, society, coexistence and crisis, pointing out that these topics might awaken … Lire la suite →

Prayer with Zimbabwean Women in Tunis

The sisters of La Marsa participated in a prayer with Zimbabwean women of the Reformed Church in Tunis. Many of these women are in Tunis to work as domestic helpers. La Marsa community,Tunisia

In Ouagadougou, NO feasting Women’s Rights Day this year

We celebrated 8th March, World Women’s Day, in an atmosphere unlike any other.  In the city of Ouagadougou, one had the imperssion that everything was silent, without life, without joy, with very little movement in the city.  The women did … Lire la suite →

Encountering old friends of the White Sisters (MSOLA) in Algiers

On 12th January, the Berber New Year Yennayer, we brought together our old and new Algerian friends.  Our two young professed sisters, Aurelie and Angèle, were also with us. About 15 people were able to come.  What joy to meet … Lire la suite →

International Day of Awareness and Prayer for Human Trafficking in Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso)

To prepare the celebrations for the feast of St. Bakhita of 8th February, the Talitha Kum team of Bobo Dioulasso, to which Angela belongs, organised various sessions in order to raise awareness.  Angela (SMNDA) and Marceline (PSA) animated a discussion … Lire la suite →

St Bakhita celebration in Nouakchott (Mauritania)

On Sunday 9th February, during adoration time at the parish, we used a prayer, sent by Begona for the feast of St.Josephine Bakhita, for all the victims of human trafficking and to ask for the conversion of traffickers.  On that … Lire la suite →

Celebration of the Day of Awareness and Prayer for Human Trafficking in Madrid and Alcalá de Henares

This year the Interchurch Group against Human trafficking prepared the prayer vigil based on the diary of St. Josefina Bakhita, with testimonies of victims of this explotation and biblical texts, to show that what happened to Bakhita still happens today … Lire la suite →

Talitha Kum grows in Burkina Faso

The Talitha Kum Burkina team with Sr. Gabriella Botelli, Talitha Kum international coordinator.

 In October 2019 the Union of Major superiors of Burkina/Niger (USMB/N) invited the Talitha Kum Burkina team to share with them on human trafficking and on the Talitha Kum network. I prepared the presentation that was given by Sr. Yvonne Clémence Bambara of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, with whom I collaborate as member of the Talitha Kum Bobo committee. Our sharing was an eye opener for many major superiors who expressed their desire to support the efforts of the existing committee in order to create greater awareness on human trafficking in our country and region. Read more.

Klettengerg Community in Germany

The Missionaries of Our Lady of Africa (MSOLA) Klettenberg community.

We are aware that even in old age we can contribute much to justice and peace in the world, even if in a different way than before, when we still had apostolic activities.
Now we have more time to pray for peace and justice. We also believe that if we live, speak and act justly in our small environment and create peace, this has an impact on the world. Peace and justice begin in our own hearts. Only when we are at peace with ourselves can we cultivate attitudes such as benevolence, respect and mindfulness, and avoid unnecessary criticism. Read more.

Our contribution to tree planting

A forest in the u.K.

After seeing the short film of the environmental activists Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot on the need to protect, restore and use nature to tackle the climate crisis and having read a very impressive article in the ‘Tablet’ about how some countries e.g. Ethiopia, India  and the Sahel belt in Africa, have a great drive to plant trees, I brought the subject of the care of creation to our community meeting. Read more.

MSOLA participate in parallel events at the COP25 in Madrid

Maruja Peral (MSOLA) with some religious at the Climate Change COP25 March

During COP25 in Madrid (December 2-15, 2019) the Catholic Climate Movement organized, on December 5-6 at CEU San Pablo in Madrid, some round table discussions and conferences on the effects of climate change and its consequences for the planet, especially for the most disadvantaged continents.  Amparo Cuesta attended these meetings. Read more.

The march for Climate Change at the COP25 in Madrid

March for Climate COP 25 - Madrid 2

The International March for Climate on December 6 with the presence of Greta Thunberg gathered more than 500,000 people to ask the governments gathered at the COP25 in Madrid to take strong measures to fight against global warming.
In the walk there were many young people, families with children and strollers, and people of all ages. At the end of the march Greta Thunberg spoke: « Hello Madrid…! We are here because world leaders are in Madrid to negotiate our future. The whole world is with you. You are the hope! Read more.

Commitment to the climate by Paris Bon Secours Community

Concerning the subject CREATION, God’s gift, our group of five sisters met on Saturday, September 29th to pray over the document sent by Begoña for World Creation Day. 

In our situation in the EPHAD Residence of Ste Monique, we cannot do much except pray and sign petitions so that our planet is not destroyed !  

Personally I am fond of gardening, but I can only grow potted plants, around 50 of them, in the corridor on my floor.  I sometimes have scruples about the water drawn for watering them, and I try to reason with myself, thinking about private pools and the waste caused by taps left open and showers that flow freely. Read more.

Faithful to the anti-slavery struggle of Lavigerie

Breaking the chains.

Our sister Vicky Chiharhula was invited to give a conference about Cardinal Lavigerie and his anti-slavery campaign. This took place on the eve of 8th December in Bamako (Mali) on the occasion of the celebration of the feast of our two Institutes : the Missionaries of Africa and the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa. 
She presented what the Cardinal and the Sisters and Fathers had done to fight against the slavery of their time. But she also made the link between that struggle of Lavigerie and our own present commitment to justice, peace and the safeguard of creation. Read more.

Participation in events for the protection of Mother Earth

The months of October and November were intense with activities.  In October we participated in the march for the protection of our mother Earth. I was also responsible for preparing our JPIC meeting in Montreal.  After the meeting, I left for the Forum on Water, organized by the activists of the GREEN CHURCH, at Cap de la Madeleine in Quebec. Read more.

Postulants grow in awareness about care for creation

Five aspirants took part in the Ouagadougou vocational camp from August 31 to September 6, 2019. The day of September 1st was dedicated to raising awareness among the postulants about caring for nature and the Season of Creation. They « remembered »  their experiences with creation and prayed with nature.  Caritas and myself (Hélène), were very touched by the awareness which the aspirants expressed during their sharing. Each of them stressed that she neglects nature.  Some have realized that not only do they not take care of the Earth but they even contribute to its destruction by throwing plastics everywhere, while the Earth continues to provide good things for us. Read more.

What to do in the current climate emergency situation?

Change the system NOT the climate!

During the ECA Assembly in Uganda last December, I animated a session on Climate change: What to do in the current emergency situation? 
As people we have two essential material dependencies: on the natural environment to maintain life and on human beings who take care of us when we need it. As our life depends on both of them, we are interdependent. The fantasy of individuality has had a terrible effect on nature: the over-exploitation of the Earth destroys the environment. Burning fossil fuels (coal, petrol, gas…) produces greenhouse gases (GHG) … Read more.

The road travelled by Solwodi Germany during 2019

In April Solwodi organized a world congress in Mainz against the sexual exploitation of women and girls.  The first success : a parliamentary group emerged in Berlin to ban the purchase of sexual acts. 
Our clients who have been victims of human trafficking and who have ended up in prostitution have experienced great cruelty.  Violence against women occurs in many places and settings, even in the Church where even Sisters are victims of sexual violence. Read more.

The « One for all » house in Karlsruhe (Germany)

On November 30, 2019 I participated in a workshop on « ideas to internationalize the city. »
Internationality is striking in the city of Karlsruhe. The town hall has set up structures which encourage people coming from all horizons to live together.   All the participants in this workshop are involved with persons coming from the five continents.  Read more.

Prostitution tramples on the dignity of women

In an interview by SOLWODI of Prof. Dr. Elke Mack, of the University of Esfurt, she defends the nordic model – the prohibition of the purchase of sexual acts, itroduced in 1999 in Sweden, which has been successfully legalized in several countries. As a Christian, she sees it as the only convincing way to protect women against sexual exploitation. Read more.

A march to create awareness about child trafficking

Publié le 22 janvier 2020 par Begoña Iñarra

The girls of Salaga College organized a peaceful march, with signs, to educate parents and society about the dangers of child trafficking. The march is a follow-up to an awareness program by Sabine and her staff on human trafficking which has taken place in several schools. We are pleased to see that awareness is making its way among young people. Read more.

A Christmas of welcome

During our Christmas meal the doorbell rang.  The one who opened the door found four mothers, victims of terrorist attacks in the village of Koungoussi. Sr.Mariette invited us to prepare some food to share with these women while she got some cool water to offer them.
It was pitiful !  These women were very tired after having travelled 100 km on foot.  Some couldn’t even put on their shoes properly because they had foot injuries.  Sylviane Rouamba, who understands the moore language, translated for us. They told us how they had been grouped together in the courtyard of the Moogho Naaba. They only came to our house to ask for some food and some clothes. Read more.

A visit to the oil villages in Republic of Congo

I participated in a course organized by the University of Peace in Africa (UPA) in Liambou (Pointe-Noire) July 7-27, 2019. This was the 14th training session for peacebuilders wishing to acquire more tools and experience in their daily work. During this training time, two days of immersion were organized. The first day, we visited two sites affected by the exploitation of oil: Tchicanou and Djeno. The second day we visited the King of Loango. Read more.

Welcoming Ivorian migrants returning home

Speciosa Mukagatare, an MSOLA coordinator of Caritas Tunisia, was invited by the Italian Association of Volunteers for International Solidarity (AVSI) of Abidjan to participate in their Regional Conference on the socio-professional reintegration of Ivorians returning to their country after a painful migration.  Speciosa spoke about the work  Caritas Tunisia does with migrants. Read more. 

Islamo-Christian Marian Day at Our Lady of Africa Basilica

190616-mariale2ND d'Afrique

De gauche à droite: Sr Zawadi Barungu, Marie-France Bouffier, Safia Zeghar et Sr Danuta Kmieciak

The 4th Islamo-Christian Marian Day in the Basilica of Our Lady of Africa in Algiers highlighted « Woman, the driving force of Africa ».  In the context of the 150th anniversary of their founding the White Sisters were in the spotlight because of their participation in two round table discussions, one of them animated by Zawadi Barungu. The three women speakers and three MSOLA  , spoke of their professional life: Chantal Vankalck spoke about the Houses of Study in North Africa, Elisabeth Herkommer about traditional Berber embroidery patterns, and myself about the integral formation which women receive at the library in Oran. I shared the experience of these last years… Read more.

The luminous dimensions of Islam by a Mouride Muslim woman

SMNDA-Sokhna Astou Niane Diop-3

SMNDA du Canada (Yolande Roy, Suzanne Plouffe, Pierrette Pelletier, Elisabeth Villemure, Mme. et Mme Sokhna Astou Niane Diop

Pierrette Pelletier invited Mrs. Sokhna Astou Niane Diop to give  a presentation on May 19th about the luminous dimensions of Islam to the JPIC-ED animators and all the Sisters of Montreal who could attend. Pierrette presented Astou to the group: « You are in a convent of Sisters, a sort of zaouia, a large religious confraternity.
Astou engages in dialogue with Christian and Muslim feminists at Maria’M, a group of university students who meet in Montreal. She belongs to the Sufi Mouride confraternity of Senegal, whose holy city is Touba (the second Mecca which receives 3 million visitors each year). Read more

First International Day of Street Children celebrated in Tamale

Tamale street children 2-cut

March of street children of Tamale

The International Day of Street Children was celebrated in Tamale for the first time, thanks to the initiative of the Centre for Development and Policy Advocacy (CEDEPA) supported by ADAMFO Ghana and with the collaboration of some religious institutions. To mark this celebration, a forum was organized for those committed to this cause. Sr. Sabine Dakouo participated.

The Forum, which had as theme “Commit to equality for street children”, aimed at analysing the existing strategies… Read more

Commitments of our sisters in Spain and our Apostolic Orientations

2018-Adoracion bolivar-Caritas Logroño

Adoración Bolivar avec des travailleurs temporaires africains à Caritas Logroño.

The Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa in Spain are committed mainly in two of the Apostolic Orientations: the fight against Human Trafficking and the Migrants and Refugees, as well as with those in the margins of society.
In the fight against human trafficking, Begoña Iñarra volunteers in a Security Home of the Adorers for victims of human trafficking and is a member of the Inter-ecclesial group against Human Trafficking composed of ecclesial institutions, religious congregations and catholic organizations working against human trafficking…  s…Read more

The MSOLA   JPIC-ED group in Canada met three times during the 2018-2019 school year. The themes – the G7, Immigration and Islam for Encounter and Dialogue – generated a lot of interest among the delegates. Everyone appreciated the resource persons invited in February and May; this is part of on-going formation. In May all the MSOLA were invited to the conference on « the luminous dimensions of Islam ». Many responded, a sign of real interest in this subject. Read more.

The clinic of the kapokier of Deli : « The Tunisia of the poor »

In Barcelona, ​​I discovered holistic “arqromerterapy”, a non-aggressive therapy to discover and treat diseases through kinesiological testing and the use of archetypes. Its founder, Dr. Jaume Feliu (naturist), heals with: plants (herbal medicine) and other techniques that yesterday and today are at the service of humanity. He gave me his know-how to be, to do and to transmit that I use at the Kapokier Center in Deli (Chad).
In our current world disrupted by climate change, the arqromerterapie respects the creation and solves problems such as allergies and emotional imbalance so prevalent today. Read more.

Christians and Muslims pray in France with the Archbishop of Moussoul (Iraq)




Absence of migrants at the Oran Library in Algeria

An intensification of the systematic expulsion of migrants has resulted in the absence of some faithful participants in the Reading Club at the Library on the fourth Thursday of each month.
One Togolese man who has been with us for 2 years was expelled in January.  As for those who are still with us, moving around town is dangerous because they risk being arrested and brought to the border with Niger. Read more.


Christians and Muslims together in Nouakchott (Mauritania)

In February Celina Natanek, animator of the islamo-christian group, organized a showing of the film « Of gods and men » followed by a discussion. This was a follow-up of the group discussion about the beatification of the martyrs of Algeria in December 2018.   Lucy Nabweteme also participated. Read more

The Oran Library is getting into ecology

At the last meeting of the library Reading Club, we chose the theme of ecology and the safeguard of creation. We were inspired by Pierre Rabhi (of Algerian origin), one of the greatest « human consciences » in the world on these issues. A long time ago, as a simple farmer, he became involved in agriculture that respects the biosphere. He lives « happy sobriety » about which he has published a book.  Read more.

Pumpkin Festival with migrants in Ottawa

At the end October 2018, a smiling and eager staff and a festive atmosphere awaited us at the Centre for Migrants and Refugees in Ottawa. There were about 60 of us, men, women and children.  All of a sudden each one turned into an animator and we all became the true  animators of the evening.  On the tables the pumpkins seemed to dance to the rhythm of the music, eager to receive a new face, an identity. Everyone got busy with a lot of enthusiasm, cutting out the key areas of the big orange balls which willingly let themselves be shaped under the more or less agile hands of the children… Read plus

Attention… Human Trafficking is here in Karlsruhe

On the occasion of the feast of St Josephine Bakhita, 8th February 2019, the Lavigerie community of  Karlsruhe, Germany organized an evening of awareness raising about human trafficking, in collaboration with « Justice Project », a local NGO.
Weeks before, we had distributed posters in the parishes, universities and public areas… Read more

Commitments of our sisters in Spain and our Apostolic Orientations

Commitment against human trafficking
Begoña participates in  the Inter-ecclesial group against trafficking composed of ecclesial institutions: Bishops’ Conferences, J&P, Conferences of Religious and congregations that work against trafficking. The group’s objective is to sensitize ecclesial institutions, as well as members of the Church and of society… Read more.

One day in February we welcomed 54 children of the  Cœurs vaillants-Ames vaillantes (CVAV) movement, to plant  aloe vera and moringa trees. We encouraged them to plant a nursery.  Our afternoon began with a prayer using symbols such as a candle, water, flowers and a globe, as we prayed for the children of the world, peace and creation.  Read more.

Tunis facing migration

Tunisia is facing problems of migration more than ever before. Speciosa Mukagatare must often travel south to Sfax to arrange housing for those who cross the border with Libya.
A conference, where Speciosa was in charge of the logistics, brought  together in Tunis Caritas agents  from the Sahel and  Mediterranean regions (Algeria, Ivory Coast, Spain, France, Italy Morocco, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Tunisia) who are involved in international mobility . Read more

Canada: Anti-trafficking Hotline

Jacqueline Picard a assisté au lancement de la ligne d’urgence pancanadienne contre la traite des personnes. Mme Barbara Gosse, PDG du Canadian Center to end human trafficking (CCEHT) a donné un exposé sur le lancement de cette ligne pour dénoncer la traite des personnes et offrir des suggestions de collaboration entre les services communautaires, les forces de l’ordre et le CCEHT.  Read more.             

Annual JPIC meeting for religious in Ghana

Sabine participated in the annual national session for JPIC coordinators of the religious congregations of women and men in Ghana. For 3 days the participants shared their JPC activities of the year which were carried out together as a sector.  Each of the two sectors, North and South, presented their plan of action for the coming year. Read more.

Against forced migration – Sabine Dakouo – Ghana

I am part of the Advocacy Committee against Youth Migration and Trafficking in Northern Ghana, which encourages and supports communities in their efforts to reduce the number of young people heading south. To continue the work done last May during the advocacy campaign of the Conference of Major Superiors we have revisited the three village communities where migration of young people to the south is the biggest.… Read more 

Christmas with prisoners – Julia Alonso – Burkina F.

On Christmas day, Archbishop Paul Ouedraogo of Bobo Dioulasso, came to celebrate the Eucharist at the prison, much to the delight of all the Catholic prisoners and those who accompany them every week.  Muslim and Protestant communities were invited to participate in our celebration.

For me it was a real Christmas celebration with the little and forgotten ones.… Read more 

Hospital volunteer – Amparo Cuesta – Spain

For some years I have belonged to the group of volunteers at the Jiménez Diaz Foundation, one of the social security hospitals of Madrid. Our job is to visit patients in their rooms on different floors according to their medical condition. I find that my fellow volunteers have great human qualities, because they have the vocation and  love for the sick,  as well as great discretion and delicacy…. Read  more

Interreligous encounter a necessity – Odile Payen – France

Interreligious encounter at Villeurbanne (Lyon-France).

As part of « Welcome to Villeurbanne »,the theme for the year in the city of Villeurbanne (Lyon),  the local elected officials together with the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities organized an encounter and sharing in the Community Life Cutural Center on the afternoon of November 25th.  Almost 500 people including numerous families and children eagerly attended.
« Welcoming our religious traditions » was presented by the young Rabbi of the Keren Or synagogue, by Fr. Damien Guyot (pastor of our parish) and by the imam… Read more… 

Struggle against trafficking  – Begoña Iñarra – Spain

On my arrival in Madrid in September, I began looking for a commitment to fight against human trafficking. I already knew the Sisters Adoratrices and their « Project Hope » which accompanies women victims of trafficking in their reconstruction and their integration  into the society where they live. The Sisters  invited me to collaborate with them in the shelter they run for women in the first stages of their journey. I spend the night there once a week. There are women of every nationality and continent.  At present most are Africans. We spend a good time together preparing the supper we will share and then doing the dishes and cleaning up. … Lire la suite 

Helping to believe in life – Nicole Robion – France

I am in my 7th year at the Association of the Fields of  Boaz, which welcomes and accompanies single women seeking asylum in France. At the beginning of the year I received a text message from one of them: « Thank you for giving us hope and for believing in life. I am grateful to you. Thank you to God for the grace He has given me to cross your path and for His light in you which enlightens everyone who approaches you…Lire la suite 

« Karibu » at the service of African migrants – MSOLA Spain

The pharmacy at Karibu

Ever since the foundation of the « Karibu » Association for the welcome of African migrants in Madrid, the MSOLA have been committed to it. Celsa Jimeno was one of the first volunteers and she collaborated there for years, until her death. She knew the Africans who passed through the Center and many had become her friends. Gradually, other Sisters who  returned to Spain definitively or who spent time in Madrid, followed her example. Currently  4 MSOLA are collaborating there. … Lire la suite 

Awareness of Human Trafficking – Angela Kapitingana – Burkina Faso

In my commitment against human trafficking, I see the importance of beginning by raising peoples’  awareness.  Sessions to make this reality known are the means used by the team of Talitha Kum Burkina. In November Sr Yvonne (Good Shepherd Sister) and myself animated a workshop on human trafficking.  On December 3rd we gave a session in Banfora to raise awareness about human trafficking. … Lire la suite 

Danuta Kmieciak with Maruja Peral at Oran (Algeria)

The day after Christmas we welcomed 22 women, including 4 younger ones, around the lit Christmas tree.  It was an encounter full of joy and the witness of friendship. At the moment of introductions, we recalled the names of the Sisters at the origin of this friendship.  This was a strong link between the present and the past.  Among others :  Marguerite Tortel (RIP), Maria Peral Del Pozo (Maruja), Danuta Kmieciak, Valérie Kabore, Beatrice Wêndpouiré,… Lire la suite 

Ghislaine welcomes students to the session « Sharing the way » with migrants ».

Development and Peace, the Catholic organisation in Quebec for promoting development,  invited us to participate in the « Share the Way » campaign so as to help us experience through role-playing what migrants, who are forced to leave their countries and endure unbearable situations, must go through…… Lire la suite 

With the Migrants in Karlsruhe (Germany)

Kordula Weber with a Missionary of Africa at the Karlrushe train station, ready to welcome Refugees and Migrants.

Kordula Weber shares with us: At Karlsruhe Central Station with Caritas (Catholic) and Diaconia (Protestant), I accompany asylum seekers who are transferred to other parts of Germany. I explain to them in French, English or Arabic, the way by train … Lire la suite 

In a Senior Centre in Trier (Germany)

I give a service of a few hours in the Senior Centre where 18 of our sisters are cared for almost every afternoon. Every week for the last two years I have accompanied, with all that this implies, a young … Lire la suite 

Defending the dignity of the person in D.R.C.

Une des multiples maisons détruites à Mbobero

In recent years the population of Mbobero located 15 km from Bukavu, suffers from the injustice of those in power. More than 300 families have been dislodged and their houses destroyed … Today these families are housed by other families … Lire la suite 

Raising awareness on the dangers of Human Trafficking in Bunamwaya (Uganda)

The small Christian community of Ste Bakhita on their feast day.

On the feast of St. Josephine Bakhita we celebrated the World Day of Trafficking in Human Beings. In the parish during the three Masses and in four sub-parishes, after the prayer, there was a sharing and a short talk in … Lire la suite 

In Gitega: Peace Education Clubs and Human Trafficking awareness

Peace Education Maite Oiartzun animates peace education clubs in 3 secondary schools in Gitega, together with a team of lay people: two professors, the head of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Diocese, a woman lawyer and a young … Lire la suite 

With Refugees and Migrants in Ottawa

Ghislaine gives French courses to a family.

One of my first concerns when I came to the Ottawa community was to get involved in helping in one way or the other the refugees arriving continually in our country and at the Centre. I knew I would meet … Lire la suite 

Ecology and Encounter and Dialogue at Nouakchott

Children from the ‘Cœurs Vaillants – Âmes vaillantes’ movement discover nature near their homes.

Discovering nature in Nouakchott In April, the community of Nouakchott welcomed 40 children from the Coeurs vaillants-Ames vaillantes (CVAV) movement of our parish. The purpose of the meeting was to make children aware of the nature that surrounds us, of … Lire la suite 

Advocacy training in Tamale (Ghana)

May 16-20 Maggie and Anna attended an advocacy workshop in Tamale, on the migration of girls from northern Ghana to the south, on human trafficking and on child marriage. This advocacy learning was the initiative of the Africa Faith and … Lire la suite 

South C Against Human Trafficking

The South C community has decided to learn more about the reality of human trafficking in order to commit ourselves to fighting it. I belong to the RAHT group (Religious against Human Trafficking) which meets every month. It is still … Lire la suite 

Formation on Human Trafficking in Tamale (Ghana)

In April Maggie Kibola and Anna Nduku participated in a 2-day session on building JPIC strengths  and on the scourge of modern slavery and human trafficking. The session was  organized by the Missionaries of Africa, to mark the 150th anniversary … Lire la suite 

Restoring wounded children

Malindi,  a town in Kenya’s coast is recognized as the city with the highest percentage of child abuse, and sex toursm in kenya. An unfortunate dominance!!!  In the Pope Francis Reception and Rescue Centre for children in Malindi, which welcomes victims of sexual abuse and trafficking, the MSOLA have a community, whose mission is to offer a comprehensive approach to vulnerable children exposed to sexual abuse, so that they can get back on their feet… Currently they are three Sisters … Read more .

By Gerda Slaghekke, MSOLA (Boxtel, the Netherlands)
In our Care Home, the World House in Boxtel, Netherlands,  greatly value the respect and appreciation for everybody’s culture and tradition. Often on Sundays we have lively cultural demonstrations. We had a Turkish feast … Read more 

My road with Samira


Calais: My LIFE with refugees

By Domenica Ciliberti, London community (UK) As my personal participation on the occasion of the 150 MAfr/MSOLA Jubilee, I considered helping the refugees in Calais (France).
Fr Johannes, a Benedictine offered me accommodation. The project offers spiritual and material support to  The project offers spiritual and material support to 20 male Eritrean refugees. … Read more 


Sr Simone’s presence at « Episol »

By Simone Dislaire, Evere Green (Brussels – Belgium)
Since the beginning of 2016, I became a volunteer in a solidarity grocery store. We welcome people sent by the social services, who come to buy food and household products at very low prices… Read more 

Remembering « COLWOD »

By Jacqueline Picard (Ottawa, Canada)

At the last meeting of JPIC-RD animators from Canada, Jacqueline Picard prepared an excellent presentation with photos and comments on the Colwod project, initiated by Sister Connie Gemme in Tamale, Ghana. Connie seeing the plight of many women reduced to poverty, set up Colwod Center (Collaboration with Women in Distress). After Connie’s departure, Jacqueline took over and ran the centre for eleven years. … Read more 

Lea Ackerman presents « Solwodi »

In octobre 1985 in Mombasa, Lea Ackerman (MSOLA) a started SOLWODI (SOLidarity with WOmen in DIstress), to help women defend their rights in Kenya. Lea tells us about her work.Speaking with women and girls from Mombasa, I realized that poverty was at the root of their prostitution. Read more.  


Recollection « We too, we are migrants »

Prepared by the MSOLA and MAfr. JPIC-RD coordinators, the MSOLA were invited to live it in community and if possible with MAfr. We present what has been done and communicated in different communities. Download the Recollection.

We present what has been done and communicated in different communities. At Rome (Italy) The community lived the … Read more 


Living JPIC-RD in the communities of Germany

Neunkirchen Community  By Heidi Arnegger Last year Hildegard Nagel explained to us that our JPIC-RD commitment has to take place in our own community, as only few of us can go out because of physical and mental handicaps. So this … Read more 

Interreligious Dialogue at Lyon

In the interreligious meetings of these last months, I perceive a thirst for God, a desire to know each other better, and especially a will to do together actions of solidarity.

As member of the Gabriel Judeo-Muslim-Christian sharing group, which meets every month, we often go together to interreligious meetings. Thus, two ladies and I participated at the interreligious conference « prayer: ascetic way, path of joy » where three prayerful persons of different religions testified about what prayer is for them. … Read more



83 years old, time to start something new

By Sr. Corrie Vork (Boxtel, the Netherlands) .
When I came back to the Netherlands after a long period in Africa, I wanted to do something useful. In a nearby village I found Zorgboerderij (caring farm), a day centre for people with dementia. They do farm activities and are taken care of by professionals and volunteers. Many of the clients are old farmers.

I was the leader of the group cleaning vegetables and potatoes for lunch… Read more 

Session on Trafficking of persons in Burkina Faso

The two animators: Angela Kapitingana (SMNDA) and Ivonne Bambara (NDCBP)

The look of an animator By Angela Kapitingana (Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina).

I had the opportunity of preparing and animating a session on Trafficking of persons, for the Justice and Peace religious animators that took place in Koudougou. It was encouraging to see the change in mentality and attitude towards victims of trafficking. Yes, we are all concerned and we need to collaborate to end this scourge…Read more 

How the MSOLA lived the Day Against Human Trafficking



Attentive to girls during my internships

By Hélène Kavula (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso) .
I live my JPIC-RD mission in my internships at the health centres and at hospital. During the time I am on duty I meet many people, but I am particularly attentive to girls and am concerned about helping them to express their distress. Often, it’s the lack of money to pay for the consultation or to buy drugs which worries them… but sometimes there are more serious problems… Read more 

International Women’s Day in Bukavu

Congolese women dressed in mourning clothes on Women’s day.

By Hélène Mbuyamba, (Bukavu, R.D. Congo) The celebration of the 2018 Women’s Day in Bukavu raised an important question … “How can we celebrate with joy when the reality is that women endure so much suffering on a daily basis, … Read more 

To be a landmark for the stranger who seeks her bearings


Zawadi with co-workers.

An elderly French lady had come with a group of tourists to visit Algeria. On the day of her arrival in Ghardaïa she fell in the hotel and broke her hip. Poor lady…she remained on her bed in the hospital. Zawadi was asked to come and rescue her, to speak to her in French… Read more. 



Meeting on migration


Subsaharan migrants in Algeria.

This month the meeting of the Reading Club at our library in Oran was on migration. We took care to invite sub-Saharan migrants who have lived in Algeria for many years, to allow for an exchange close to reality. Our reflection and discussion were not limited solely to the current migration in Algeria of the Sub-Saharans, but also to the world and the history of Algerian migrations to various horizons, especially after independence. Read more. 


Visiting migrants in prison

400-MAngeles-Yaniz-Deli-046« We are glad that there is someone who can visit these prisoners; you can count on us » said to Mari Angeles the director of Laghouat prison, when she went there to get to know the place. The joyful reception received from the staff and especially from the director of this large modern prison buried in the desert of Laghouat has edified and encouraged her to go twice a month despite the distance. Read more.