With the Migrants in Karlsruhe (Germany)

Kordula Weber with a Missionary of Africa at the Karlrushe train station, ready to welcome Refugees and Migrants.

Kordula Weber shares with us: At Karlsruhe Central Station with Caritas (Catholic) and Diaconia (Protestant), I accompany asylum seekers who are transferred to other parts of Germany. I explain to them in French, English or Arabic, the way by train … Lire la suite 

In a Senior Centre in Trier (Germany)

I give a service of a few hours in the Senior Centre where 18 of our sisters are cared for almost every afternoon. Every week for the last two years I have accompanied, with all that this implies, a young … Lire la suite 

Defending the dignity of the person in D.R.C.

Une des multiples maisons détruites à Mbobero

In recent years the population of Mbobero located 15 km from Bukavu, suffers from the injustice of those in power. More than 300 families have been dislodged and their houses destroyed … Today these families are housed by other families … Lire la suite 


Raising awareness on the dangers of Human Trafficking in Bunamwaya (Uganda)

The small Christian community of Ste Bakhita on their feast day. 

On the feast of St. Josephine Bakhita we celebrated the World Day of Trafficking in Human Beings. In the parish during the three Masses and in four sub-parishes, after the prayer, there was a sharing and a short talk in … Lire la suite 

In Gitega: Peace Education Clubs and Human Trafficking awareness

Peace Education Maite Oiartzun animates peace education clubs in 3 secondary schools in Gitega, together with a team of lay people: two professors, the head of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Diocese, a woman lawyer and a young … Lire la suite 

With Refugees and Migrants in Ottawa

Ghislaine gives French courses to a family. 

One of my first concerns when I came to the Ottawa community was to get involved in helping in one way or the other the refugees arriving continually in our country and at the Centre. I knew I would meet … Lire la suite 



Ecology and Encounter and Dialogue at Nouakchott

Children from the ‘Cœurs Vaillants – Âmes vaillantes’ movement discover nature near their homes.

Discovering nature in Nouakchott In April, the community of Nouakchott welcomed 40 children from the Coeurs vaillants-Ames vaillantes (CVAV) movement of our parish. The purpose of the meeting was to make children aware of the nature that surrounds us, of … Lire la suite 



Advocacy training in Tamale (Ghana)

May 16-20 Maggie and Anna attended an advocacy workshop in Tamale, on the migration of girls from northern Ghana to the south, on human trafficking and on child marriage. This advocacy learning was the initiative of the Africa Faith and … Lire la suite 

South C Against Human Trafficking

The South C community has decided to learn more about the reality of human trafficking in order to commit ourselves to fighting it. I belong to the RAHT group (Religious against Human Trafficking) which meets every month. It is still … Lire la suite 

Formation on Human Trafficking in Tamale (Ghana)

In April Maggie Kibola and Anna Nduku participated in a 2-day session on building JPIC strengths  and on the scourge of modern slavery and human trafficking. The session was  organized by the Missionaries of Africa, to mark the 150th anniversary … Lire la suite 

Restoring wounded children

Malindi,  a town in Kenya’s coast is recognized as the city with the highest percentage of child abuse, and sex toursm in kenya. An unfortunate dominance!!!  In the Pope Francis Reception and Rescue Centre for children in Malindi, which welcomes victims of sexual abuse and trafficking, the MSOLA have a community, whose mission is to offer a comprehensive approach to vulnerable children exposed to sexual abuse, so that they can get back on their feet… Currently they are three Sisters … Read more .

By Gerda Slaghekke, MSOLA (Boxtel, the Netherlands)
In our Care Home, the World House in Boxtel, Netherlands,  greatly value the respect and appreciation for everybody’s culture and tradition. Often on Sundays we have lively cultural demonstrations. We had a Turkish feast … Read more 

My road with Samira

Calais: My LIFE with refugees

By Domenica Ciliberti, London community (UK) As my personal participation on the occasion of the 150 MAfr/MSOLA Jubilee, I considered helping the refugees in Calais (France).
Fr Johannes, a Benedictine offered me accommodation. The project offers spiritual and material support to  The project offers spiritual and material support to 20 male Eritrean refugees. … Read more 

Sr Simone’s presence at « Episol »

By Simone Dislaire, Evere Green (Brussels – Belgium)
Since the beginning of 2016, I became a volunteer in a solidarity grocery store. We welcome people sent by the social services, who come to buy food and household products at very low prices… Read more 

Remembering « COLWOD »

By Jacqueline Picard (Ottawa, Canada)

At the last meeting of JPIC-RD animators from Canada, Jacqueline Picard prepared an excellent presentation with photos and comments on the Colwod project, initiated by Sister Connie Gemme in Tamale, Ghana. Connie seeing the plight of many women reduced to poverty, set up Colwod Center (Collaboration with Women in Distress). After Connie’s departure, Jacqueline took over and ran the centre for eleven years. … Read more 

Lea Ackerman presents « Solwodi »

In octobre 1985 in Mombasa, Lea Ackerman (MSOLA) a started SOLWODI (SOLidarity with WOmen in DIstress), to help women defend their rights in Kenya. Lea tells us about her work.Speaking with women and girls from Mombasa, I realized that poverty was at the root of their prostitution. Read more.  

Recollection « We too, we are migrants »

Prepared by the MSOLA and MAfr. JPIC-RD coordinators, the MSOLA were invited to live it in community and if possible with MAfr. We present what has been done and communicated in different communities. Download the Recollection.

We present what has been done and communicated in different communities. At Rome (Italy) The community lived the … Read more 

Living JPIC-RD in the communities of Germany

Neunkirchen Community  By Heidi Arnegger Last year Hildegard Nagel explained to us that our JPIC-RD commitment has to take place in our own community, as only few of us can go out because of physical and mental handicaps. So this … Read more 

Interreligious Dialogue at Lyon

In the interreligious meetings of these last months, I perceive a thirst for God, a desire to know each other better, and especially a will to do together actions of solidarity.

As member of the Gabriel Judeo-Muslim-Christian sharing group, which meets every month, we often go together to interreligious meetings. Thus, two ladies and I participated at the interreligious conference « prayer: ascetic way, path of joy » where three prayerful persons of different religions testified about what prayer is for them. … Lire la suite 


83 years old, time to start something new

By Sr. Corrie Vork (Boxtel, the Netherlands) .
When I came back to the Netherlands after a long period in Africa, I wanted to do something useful. In a nearby village I found Zorgboerderij (caring farm), a day centre for people with dementia. They do farm activities and are taken care of by professionals and volunteers. Many of the clients are old farmers.

I was the leader of the group cleaning vegetables and potatoes for lunch… Read more 

Session on Trafficking of persons in Burkina Faso

The two animators: Angela Kapitingana (SMNDA) and Ivonne Bambara (NDCBP)

The look of an animator By Angela Kapitingana (Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina).

I had the opportunity of preparing and animating a session on Trafficking of persons, for the Justice and Peace religious animators that took place in Koudougou. It was encouraging to see the change in mentality and attitude towards victims of trafficking. Yes, we are all concerned and we need to collaborate to end this scourge…Read more 

How the MSOLA lived the Day Against Human Trafficking

Attentive to girls during my internships

By Hélène Kavula (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso) .
I live my JPIC-RD mission in my internships at the health centres and at hospital. During the time I am on duty I meet many people, but I am particularly attentive to girls and am concerned about helping them to express their distress. Often, it’s the lack of money to pay for the consultation or to buy drugs which worries them… but sometimes there are more serious problems… Read more 

International Women’s Day in Bukavu

Congolese women dressed in mourning clothes on Women’s day.

By Hélène Mbuyamba, (Bukavu, R.D. Congo) The celebration of the 2018 Women’s Day in Bukavu raised an important question … “How can we celebrate with joy when the reality is that women endure so much suffering on a daily basis, … Read more 


To be a landmark for the stranger who seeks her bearings


Zawadi with co-workers.

An elderly French lady had come with a group of tourists to visit Algeria. On the day of her arrival in Ghardaïa she fell in the hotel and broke her hip. Poor lady…she remained on her bed in the hospital. Zawadi was asked to come and rescue her, to speak to her in French… Read more. 

Meeting on migration


Subsaharan migrants in Algeria.

This month the meeting of the Reading Club at our library in Oran was on migration. We took care to invite sub-Saharan migrants who have lived in Algeria for many years, to allow for an exchange close to reality. Our reflection and discussion were not limited solely to the current migration in Algeria of the Sub-Saharans, but also to the world and the history of Algerian migrations to various horizons, especially after independence. Read more. 

Visiting migrants in prison

400-MAngeles-Yaniz-Deli-046« We are glad that there is someone who can visit these prisoners; you can count on us » said to Mari Angeles the director of Laghouat prison, when she went there to get to know the place. The joyful reception received from the staff and especially from the director of this large modern prison buried in the desert of Laghouat has edified and encouraged her to go twice a month despite the distance. Read more.