Helping to believe in life

Nicole and Odette

I am in my 7th year at the Association of the Fields of  Boaz, which welcomes and accompanies single women seeking asylum in France.

At the beginning of the year I received a text message from one of them: « Thank you for giving us hope and for believing in life. I am grateful to you. Thank you to God for the grace He has given me to cross your path and for His light in you which enlightens everyone who approaches you. Have a very good year.  »

Threatened with death because she refused to peform excisions, she fled from country to country, ending up in Libya where she lived in her words « two months of hell » which she cannot speak about to me ;  and then crossing the sea  in a rubber boat from which 30 people fell into the water. She had simply  told me : « There is something  broken in me.  »

I invited her to take a walk in the Parc de Sceaux. That same evening, she sent me an email: « The many-coloured leaves, the children running about and singing, beckoned me to believe in life and that everything is still possible.  »

Nicole Robion
Sceaux  community (France)

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