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From Ghardaia (Algeria) visits to prisoners

Every two weeks Sr Mari Angeles Yaniz go with Fr. Sam Théophile to visit the foreign prisoners who are in Laghouat prison. They have between 22 to 26 people at each meeting. They wait for them with great desire and they form a family. They had to stop the visits because of the coronavirus.
In Ghardaïa prison I met two young Cameroonians, who were later transferred to Ouargla prison. We contacted the chaplains of Ouargla, who integrated them well into their group. After this transfer I returned to Ghardaia prison to ask if there were any other Christians, but they said there were none.
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Videos: The Difference Makers

The MSOLA from the Netherlands have made a series of videos titled “The difference makers”. Dialogue between young and old. One or two MSOLA engaged in conversation with young people who have the same passion for a particular theme or field. 
The videos are in Dutch with English subtitles.
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Outdoor camp in Nouakchott (Mauritania)

Mme. Chilo, the principal of the school where the Maison du Quartier (Neighbourhood House) is located, gave the green light to the Maison du Quartier team to set up an Outdoor Centre in August.
Until the end of July teaching was done at a distance. So when the holidays came after five months of confinement, the children couldn’t wait to get out of their homes and do manual things.
In collaboration with the Accueil Écoute cell, Sr. Celina obtained masks and disinfection products for the Maison du Quartier… Lire la suite →

The Lublin (Poland) community and JPIC-ED

The commitments in Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation and Encounter and Dialogue with other cultures and religions of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa (MSOLA) in the Lublin community in Poland.
Once a month, Anafrida Biro goes to the prison to accompany the prisoners and pray with them. The prisoners who need someone to talk to wait for her with joy. . Lire la suite →

Commitment of La Marsa community in Tunisia

The last day of July, the festival of Eid Kebir, was not very joyful, given the context: the economic situation did not allow everyone to buy a sheep for the feast.
The difficulty of movement (Covid-19 directives) did not allow the usual contacts. However, a long time friend sent us the traditional couscous!
A neighbourhood association linked to Caritas organized various summer activities during the school holidays for the nearly 50 young people: educational workshops in French; language learning workshops, Arabic and English… Lire la suite →

The Salomé Centre in Tandale (Dar-es-Salaam – Tanzania)

At the Salome Center in Tandale, the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa offer young women without a family, without studies, without a future, often from the villages, the possibility to get some training. Lire la suite →

A woman from Delwende is reintegrated in her family

Sr.Vickness Muleya shared her joy with her community when a woman from the Delwende Centre was reintegrated into her family after time spent at the Centre. It is our hope that she may feel happy with her family again. Lire la suite →

Beginning of a transformation at Kinteko (Butare – Rwanda)

Sr Leocadie meets the women and young people
in Kinteko.

Kinteko, a subparish of the cathedral, is not far from our Butare community.
Despite being close to the town, its population is very peripheral, with plenty of unemployed young people and many young single mothers. They are known to be very difficult and very poor materially, humanly and spiritually. Material poverty adds a heavy burden to the difficulties of family life which sometimes becomes hell. The first victims, the children, desert the family home while very young to live adventures in the city, turn to drugs , become criminals and an easy prey of human traffickers. The population of Kinteko is somehow left to itself. Read more.

Participating in the life of disadvantaged people at Bunamwaya (Kampala) in Uganda

Lost City area.

Throughout the year Theopista and the prepostulants have participated regularly in praying the Rosary, the Way of the Cross and in other celebrations and activities in two special places in our area : at Namugongo Bunamwaya and Lost City (two disadvantaged areas). These are the places where people, especially youth, addicted to drugs and alcohol, live with their families.
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Solidarity in Delwende (Burkina Faso) during Covid-19

Sr Vickness Nangongo
Muleya, MSOLA.

In Delwende (Ouagadougou) Sr Vickness Nangogo Muleya, director of the Delwende Center in Sakoula, asked to stay at the center during the pandemic, in order to accompany the rejected women accused of witchcraft and to ensure their protection against Covid-19.

The Delwende center welcomes mostly women, but there is also a few men who have been chased from their villages accused of witchcraft.

Sr Vickness shares her experience: « I saw their faces light up and at the same time they were surprised that I came to stay with them at this difficult time.

They were surprised to see me there the whole day and night but their faces were shining. In my heart it was like a dream and I was in awe of what was happening. Read more.

Solidarity during Covid-19 at Ottawa, Canada

Sr Ghislaine with an African friend

Coronavirus has two faces: one that is evil and one that is positive. It gives us this time to take stock, to reflect, to question ourselves.

This last face has led me to join people who are alone and who live in anxiety and distress, women I know. They are of different nationalities, which enriches our sharing.

Also, I have again taken up my guitar, which I had abandoned these last few years.

Presently I am working on a mosaic of the Visitation.

Sr Ghislaine Dubé from the MSOLA Ottawa community.

« Main dans la main »: with hospitalized children in Paris

Sr. Huguette Regenas with a hospitalized child.

As a teacher of young children by training, and now retired, Sr Huguette Régennass, MSOLA, from the Sceaux community in France, has looked for a way to return to the world of the little ones that she loves so much. She tells us about it.
Since January 2015, I have been involved in the teams of « Main dans la Main », an association of volunteers who are present to children in the hospital in order to improve the quality of life of the child and the family, in collaboration with the medical and nursing staff. The 600 volunteers of « Main dans la Main » provide, attentive presence and listening and are available every day, including weekends and holidays, in 40 pediatric wards of 9 hospitals in Paris and its region. Read more.

Fascinating work with Mathew in Paris


For two and a half years I’ve been visiting an autistic child in Paris. « Mat » is now nine years old and has been partially integrated into school for a few months. This is thanks to the application of an educational method « Autisme Espoir Vers l’Ecole » called the three I’s: Individual, Intensive and Interactive based on
games. We are a whole team of about fifteen volunteers to play with « Mat » for 1½ hours a week. We are accompanied by a psychologist who meets with us every 6 weeks. She herself comes to play with  » Mat « . Read more.

The parish feasts women on the International Day for Women’s Rights in Nouakchott

On 8th mars, International Women’s Day, Nouakchott community participated in the event organized by the reception/listening committee of the parish. A good number of women from our various places of apostolate were present.  After Mass, we gathered in a restaurant … Lire la suite → Publié dans Blog English, Home, Info JPIC Eng, Sharing | Laisser un commentaire

In Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), NO feasting Women’s Rights Day this year

We celebrated 8th March, World Women’s Day, in an atmosphere unlike any other.  In the city of Ouagadougou, one had the imperssion that everything was silent, without life, without joy, with very little movement in the city.  The women did … Lire la suite → Publié dans Blog English, Home, Info Africa, Info JPIC Eng, Sharing | Laisser un commentaire

Rejoicing on the International Day for Women’s Righst in Kalabankura (Bamako – Mali)

At the beginning of March, Marichu and the teachers at the Women’s Centre of Kalabankura celebrated Women’s day by feasting and relaxing in the park of Bamako with a group of domestic helpers who are doing their training at our … Lire la suite → Publié dans Blog English, Home, Info Africa, Info JPIC Eng, Sharing | Laisser un commentaire

Strategic Plan of Action for JPIC for the religious of Mali

Vicky Chiharhula and Brigitte Zawadi belong to the JPIC-DI (Dialogue Interreligieux) committee of Bamako Diocese.  Fr.Nicolas MAfr is in charge of this commission on diocesan level. Vicky and Brigitte have just begun their mandate as members of JPIC-DI animation committee … Lire la suite → Publié dans Blog English, Info JPIC Eng, Sharing | Laisser un commentaire

Prayer with Zimbabwean Women in Tunis

The sisters of La Marsa participated in a prayer with Zimbabwean women of the Reformed Church in Tunis. Many of these women are in Tunis to work as domestic helpers. La Marsa community,Tunisia Publié dans Blog English, Info JPIC Eng, Sharing | Laisser un commentaire

Alternatives for dignity and justice

This was the theme of the Conference on Justice and Solidarity, Mission and Cooperation organized by CONFER, the Union of Religious in Spain. The speakers proposed reflections on eco-feminism, society, coexistence and crisis, pointing out that these topics might awaken … Lire la suite →