Season of Creation (1st Sept. to 4th October)

Each year from September 1 to October 4, the Christian family unites for this worldwide celebration of prayer and action to protect our common home.
As followers of Christ from around the globe, we share a common role as stewards of God’s creation. We see that our well being is interwoven with its well being. We rejoice in this opportunity to care for our common home and the sisters and brothers who share it. This year, the theme for the season is biodiversity, God’s web of life. We invite you to consider the unique value of each creature in God’s wondrously complex web of life.
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Slavery in the New Testament and Human Trafficking today

In the New Testament, Slavery is unseen or side-stepped in translation. Similarly, modern human slavery is unseen and not named for what it is.  We are invited to discover that a “genuinely subversive consciousness,” which challenges and empowers us to confront the reality of slavery today, can be identified in the story of radical Jesus who washed his disciples’ feet. Footwashing is central to John’s Supper. Many questions arise for us today. What does it mean “to be the eyes and ears of our communities” in our world today as followers of the One, imaged as subverting contemptible slavery, around which the world of his time was organised?  “The “world” with which we are concerned is the good world to which we are missioned, the evil world which we confront, and the alternative world” we are called into with Jesus in the ongoing creation of finishing the works of God. All have a role to play in bringing modern human slavery to an end. Read more.

Way of the cross with the victims of human trafficking

By celebrating the Stations of the Cross, we symbolically live the passion of Jesus and his painful path to the cross.
We aregoing to walk this way of the cross meeting our brothers and sisters who, like Jesus on his way to the cross, are deprived of freedom, considered as objects and forced to do what they do not want.

Today Jesus lives his passion again in these children, these women and these men who are victims of forced migration and human trafficking.

May this Way of the Cross be for us too, a path of hope and of commitment so that these  sisters and brothers may live the resurrection of a new beginning, and that we may  consider a world without slavery, without human trafficking. Download the Way of the Cross for READING   . Download the Way of the Cross for PRINTING.

Meeting the other as visitation

Presentation on Meeting the other as visitation.

It is a reflection on the interreligious and intercultural encounter based on Mary’s Visitation  to Elizabeth. Look at the slides presentation inspired by Kam Sié Mathias’ in « African Tradition of Hospitality and Interreligious Dialogue: Reflection ». See the presentation. 

8 February 2018 Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Trafficking in persons

MIGRATION WITHOUT TRAFFICKING : say yes to Freedom and no to slavery

The theme for the International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Trafficking in persons 2018 highlights the situation of human trafficking among people on the move: migrants, refugees and internal displaced people.
We are invited to enkindle a light against human trafficking for these brothers and sisters of ours.  Let us enkindle our hearts and lives, so as to be a welcoming light of hope and encounter.  Find the guidelines for the preparation of the prayer vigil.      Read more.

Being prophetic today

Sieger Koder

« The prophet evokes a perception of reality different from the perception of the dominant culture that surrounds us … He criticizes the dominant culture. He gives energy to people and communities and promises them a situation towards which the community can move forward … »  (Walter Brueggemann).

The prophet is a man / woman who:
Has received a special grace from God.
He watches and his eyes and his ears are attentive and he sees in reality what others do not see: the Word of God and signs of God’s actionRead more.