Hospital volunteer

For some years I have belonged to the group of volunteers at the Jiménez Diaz Foundation, one of the social security hospitals of Madrid. Our job is to visit patients in their rooms on different floors according to their medical condition. I find that my fellow volunteers have great human qualities, because they have the vocation and  love for the sick,  as well as great discretion and delicacy.

We begin the morning in the volunteers’ office writing the names of the patients on the floor to be visited. Thus, when entering a room, we can greet them by their first names, which gives them a feeling of  security and proximity.

These visits are greatly appreciated by the patients, and sometimes even more by their caregivers who are often close relatives and hide their concern to patients, but can find relief with us in the corridors, discussing, crying or releasing the tension they often experience.

Many of the patients come from retirement homes, or are homeless people (street people) or people who have migrated to Spain and are completely alone. In this case, they receive a card which allows them to have a daily follow-up and to receive clothes or small items which they might need during their stay in the hospital or after they leave.

Amparo Cuesta
Community of Islas Cíes (Madrid – Espagne)

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