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Young  peacemakers, Christian and Muslim

Emerging Peacemakers Forum 2018,
United Kingdom, Photo: Lambeth Palace

Fifty young Christians and Muslims ages 20-25 are meeting 8-18 July for an Emerging Peacemakers Forum offering training in peacemaking and reconciliation at the Churchill College of Cambridge University in the UK. They will meet with international religious leaders, including the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar and president of the Muslim Council of Elders Prof. Dr Ahmad Al-Tayyeb. Read more.


May 16, International Day of « Living Together in Peace »

The celebration of this day expresses the desire fro peace of persons of all religions, as well as non-believers. It is a step to see our world change. Living together in peace is all about accepting differences and having the ability to listen, to recognize, to respect and to appreciate others, as well as living in a peaceful and united way. With a new vision, we can collectively generate and convey a profound change to build the society of tomorrow and propose a tool to express, loud and clear, this will to learn better living and doing together. The more numerous we are to choose “living better together», the more our commitment will change the world. Read more.