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At Hydra: meeting with friends from other cultures and religions

For the feast of Aïd, the White Sister’s neighbours and community friends from around Hydra and Algiers brought them couscous, meat and cakes. This helped them to live this celebration in solidarity with the people of the country and the Muslims all over the world. Lire la suite →

Formation to the Islam-Christian Dialogue at Gitega (Burundi)

Participants at the Islamo-Christian Dialogue session.

One of the apostolic orientations of the congregation is « interreligious and intercultural encounter and dialogue ».
In our neighbourhood of Gitega there are many Muslims whom we meet every day on the street, in the market, and during our visits… or we welcome them at the Our Lady of Africa Health Centre and in the high schools.
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International women’s day: Tales of Wonder in Boxtel (The Netherlands)

Sr Willemien van Berkel, Smnda

The liturgy of 7th March, on the eve of Women’s Day, gave us the opportunity to share with women from other religions. Since we live in the ‘Worldhouse’ with persons of different cultures and beliefs, we decided to invite some of them to participate in our liturgy that day.
To our great surprise, the women were not only enthusiastic, but showed real appreciation and respect for having been invited.

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Teaching French and more… in Paris

Monique de La Chevrelière with the Asian students

Sr Monique de La Chevrelière teaches French as a volunteer to young Asian beginners, at the Centre France-Asie (CFA), sponsored by the Society of Foreign Missions of Paris (MEP).
Due to the corona virus and the cramped conditions of the premises, the Centre was closed and will only reopen in September. It is nondenominational and operates in a spirit of openness that is totally evangelical.
This year I was welcomed into an Islamic-Christian group « The tamed hearts ». Founded by the Syrian
Khaled Roumo, a writer and poet whom I had known with his wife in the years 77-78, while in the Gay-Lussac community. This group lives spiritual friendship among believers and meets every month to bear witness to the spiritual journeys of each one of them.

Ramadam Karem at La Marsa (Tunisia)

We accompanied our Muslim brothers and sisters during their Ramadan, lived this year in a
way very different from their customs, without prayers at the mosque, without vigils and family
It was different for us too, because we could not go to meet them in their homes after the
end of the fast, as is customary.

Together with Maryam in Montreal (Canada)

Encounter of Muslims and Christians to celebrate Maryam. After the prayer there was a time of friendship and a cocktel to know one another.

This year the international event: Together with Maryam, which has been celebrated in Montreal since 2017, was made official in the Archdiocese by the presence of the Episcopal Vicar Alain Mongeau, who addressed the sixty or so participants. Basing his words on Sura 3:42-27 and Luke 1:34-35, he commented: « As with Mary, is not the most important human experience first of all to recognize God’s work within oneself, to recognize it in the other and then, in the history and progress of the world? By
welcoming the angel’s message, Miriam/Marie reconciles profound humanity and the divine breath within herself. Basically, Read more.

From Ghardia in Algeria: Fraternal encounter in spite of different faiths

Angèle, Aurélie and M. Angeles share with us their fraternal encounter of friendship with a Muslim family: The friendship between Madame N. and Scholastique Makita began when N. followed some courses at our house. But Scholastique had never entered N.’s … Lire la suite →

Ecumenical celebration in Montreal

The primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Canada, bishops, pastors, priests
and women pastors of different churches.

In Montreal, the Armenian Apostolic Cathedral of St.Gregory the Illuminator hosted the celebration organized by the Canadian Ecumenical Center on Sunday 19th January 2020 to mark the beginning of the week of prayer for Chritian unity.  Pierrette Renaud, Suzanne Plouffe, … Lire la suite →

Getting to know the other different, in view of deeper encounter

Chantal Vankalck

The diocese of Ghardaia invited Chantal Vankalck to give a session on Islamology. The ten participants, coming from 5 continents, arrived in the communities of Ouargla, Touggourt, Hassi Messaoud and Ghardaia. Along them were Danielle and Maria Angeles of Ghardaia … Lire la suite →

Encountering old friends of the White Sisters (MSOLA) in Algiers

On 12th January, the Berber New Year Yennayer, we brought together our old and new Algerian friends.  Our two young professed sisters, Aurelie and Angèle, were also with us. About 15 people were able to come.  What joy to meet … Lire la suite →

The « One for all » house in Karlsruhe (Germany)

In the Garden of religious. Sr Kordula with some friends from other religion.

On November 30, 2019 I participated in a workshop on « ideas to internationalize the city. »
Internationality is striking in the city of Karlsruhe. The town hall has set up structures which encourage people coming from all horizons to live together.   All the participants in this workshop are involved with persons coming from the five continents. We began with a brainstorming on how we perceive the international and intercultural society of the city. Read more.

Islamo-Christian Marian Day at Our Lady of Africa Basilica

From left to right: Sr Zawadi Barungu, Marie-France Bouffier, Safia Zeghar; et Sr Danuta Kmieciak

The 4th Islamo-Christian Marian Day in the Basilica of Our Lady of Africa in Algiers highlighted « Woman, the driving force of Africa ».  In the context of the 150th anniversary of their founding the White Sisters were in the spotlight because of their participation in two round table discussions, one of them animated by Zawadi Barungu. The three women speakers and three MSOLA , spoke of their professional life: Chantal Vankalck spoke about the Houses of Study in North Africa, Elisabeth Herkommer about traditional Berber embroidery patterns, and myself about the integral formation which women receive at the library in Oran.. … Lire la suite →

The luminous dimensions of Islam by a Mouride Muslim woman

SMNDA du Canada (Yolande Roy, Suzanne
Plouffe, Pierrette Pelletier, Elisabeth Villemure,
Mme. et Mme Sokhna Astou Niane Diop

Pierrette Pelletier invited Mrs. Sokhna Astou Niane Diop to give  a presentation on May 19th about the luminous dimensions of Islam to the JPIC-ED animators and all the Sisters of Montreal who could attend. Pierrette presented Astou to the group:  « You are in a convent of Sisters, a sort of zaouia, a large religious confraternity. This big building was built to receive young girls who desired to become Sisters of Providence. … Lire la suite →

Christians and Muslims pray in France with the Archbishop of Moussoul (Iraq)

Christians and Muslims side by side in a church of Décines (Rhone) in France. The image is symbolic, and St Peter’s church is packed. Muslims and Christians of many faiths: Armenians, Evangelists, Catholics, Protestants … were among the participants at at the prayer. Christians and Muslims praying together is a very strong sign.… Lire la suite →

« Avec Gabriel » Group Judeo-Islamo-Chrétien

« Seekers of God, we are committed  to meet in order to share our differences. We want to grow in mutual understanding as well as in respect for, and listening to, each person ! We desire to enrich our dialogue by allowing ourselves to be penetrated
by the Scriptures of our different monotheistic traditions.
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Respect for differences in religion

The mayor of Pierrefonds-Roxboro organized a multireligious event  to mark the «Day of Remembrance and Action against islamophobia and all forms of discrimination» on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the attack on the Great Mosque of Quebec  (29/1/2017). To continue building up ‘living together’, he was concerned about making the population aware … Lire la suite →

Christians and Muslims together in Nouakchott (Mauritania)

In February Celina Natanek, animator of the islamo-christian group, organized a showing of the film « Of gods and men » followed by a discussion. This was a follow-up of the group discussion about the beatification of the martyrs of Algeria … Lire la suite →

A path of incarnation and proclamation

As part of the diocesan consultation « For a new dynamic in the Church of Ghardaia », Chantal Vankalck (Smnda) and Christophe Ravanel (sj) presented the theme « Between dialogue and announcement: which path of Incarnation? »at the ongoing training session they facilitated. There … Lire la suite →

Islamo-Christian Dialogue in Burkina Faso

The Ouagadougou diocesan commission for Islamo-Cristian dialogue organized a formation session on « The mission  of parish committees for islamo-christian dialogue in a context of violence and growing extremism ». The 80 participants came from 22 parishes of the Archdiocese … Lire la suite →

Interreligious encounter, a necessity

As part of « Welcome to Villeurbanne », the theme for the year in the city of Villeurbanne (Lyon),  the local elected officials together with the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities organized an encounter and sharing in the Community Life Cutural Center on … Lire la suite →

Muslims on the beatification of the Algerian martyrs

We have received a great deal of information about the beatification of the 19 brothers and sisters martyred in Algeria. Here we want to underline what Muslims have said about this event and about those Christians with whom they had shared their lives and who have been witnesses of God’s presence to them. The Bishops of Algeria saw in this religious ceremony « a momentum and a call to build together a world of peace and fraternity. »  … Lire la suite →

Christmas with our Algerian friends

The day after Christmas we welcomed 22 women, including 4 younger ones, around the lit Christmas tree.  It was an encounter full of joy and the witness of friendship. At the moment of introductions, we recalled the names of the … Lire la suite →

The MSOLA meet Pope Francis

1902 – Les SMNDA avec le Pape François.

« Where  the Lord has sent you, may you be able to contribute to making the culture of encounter grow, to be at the service of a dialogue that, in respect of the differences, is able to draw richness from others’. diversity. » said Pope Francis « …you know that the proclamation of the Gospel isn’t synonymous with proselytism; it is that dynamic that leads to making oneself close to others to share the gift received and has led you to choose to consecrate your life to the Lord Jesus. … Lire la suite →

Young  peacemakers, Christian and Muslim

Emerging Peacemakers Forum 2018,
United Kingdom, Photo: Lambeth Palace

Fifty young Christians and Muslims ages 20-25 are meeting 8-18 July for an Emerging Peacemakers Forum offering training in peacemaking and reconciliation at the Churchill College of Cambridge University in the UK. They will meet with international religious leaders, including the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar and president of the Muslim Council of Elders Prof. Dr Ahmad Al-Tayyeb. Read more.

May 16, International Day of « Living Together in Peace »

The celebration of this day expresses the desire fro peace of persons of all religions, as well as non-believers. It is a step to see our world change. Living together in peace is all about accepting differences and having the ability to listen, to recognize, to respect and to appreciate others, as well as living in a peaceful and united way. With a new vision, we can collectively generate and convey a profound change to build the society of tomorrow and propose a tool to express, loud and clear, this will to learn better living and doing together. The more numerous we are to choose “living better together», the more our commitment will change the world. Read more.