Group Animation

Organization and animation of an effective meeting

Orientations to prepare and animate a working meeting. Identify the purpose of the meeting, determine the outcome you expect, plan the agenda items… how to animate the meeting and how to involve the participants from the preparation, during the meeting and in the plan of action. Read more.


Vidéo: Effective meetings in plain English

Some tips to prepare and animate good meetings. 3:06 minutes


Vidéo: How to conduct an effective meeting

8 simple steps to conducting an effective meeting that will help you to be a good meeting animator. 1:48 minutes

International Days related to JPIC-RD

Calendar with the dates of the international days related to JPIC-ED. These dates can be an occasion to create awareness on certain issues and to organize activities around the celebration of the day. See the calendar. 



How to prepare and animate a skype meeting

Help for the preparation and animation of a network skype meeting. It indicates the steps to be taken from setting the date, to prepare the agenda, forsee the needs of the group, get the connexions for the group Skype meeting (maximum 10 people) and how to animate the meeting. Read more…