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La frontière invisible en Afrique de l’Ouest

Les pays du Sahel font office de nouveaux murs de l’UE avec plus de contrôles frontaliers, augmentation des déportations et utilisation des fonds de coopération pour freiner les fluxes. L’externalisation de services européens vers des pays comme le Niger, le … Lire la suite

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African Bishops Call for Action Against Child Trafficking

‘The protection of minors is an integral part of the Gospel message hence there is need to create a safe environment for them, giving priority to their interests’ Child trafficking, child labour and the issue of child soldier continue to … Lire la suite

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White Father: “To accompany the process of democratization of the D.R. Congo in order to build a new society”

“The challenges to be undertaken for the Democratic Republic of Congo are clear: the population must be accompanied so that, starting from a conscience towards justice and one’s neighbor, it becomes able to live in peace, in order to build … Lire la suite

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Pope Francis calls for ‘radical energy transition’ to stem global warming

Pope Francis said on Friday (14 June) that carbon pricing is “essential” to stem global warming – his clearest statement yet in support of penalising polluters – and appealed to climate change deniers to listen to science. In an address … Lire la suite

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Slavery in the New Testament and Displacement of Persons Today

  In the New Testament, Slavery is unseen or side-stepped in translation. Similarly, modern human slavery is unseen and not named for what it is. This reflection is for the United Nations designated World Day against Trafficking in Persons, 30 July. The … Lire la suite

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Pope Francis: Free women from the slavery of prostitution

Pope Francis contributes the preface to a new book on human trafficking, entitled « Women crucified”, by Fr Aldo Buonaiuto, a priest of the Pope John XXIII Community. The shame of human trafficking as told from the street ». In the preface, … Lire la suite

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Le pape s’élève contre la prostitution « maladie de l’humanité »

« N’importe quelle forme de prostitution est… un acte criminel, un vice répugnant qui confond faire l’amour et soulager ses instincts en torturant une femme désarmée », écrit le pape François dans la préface du livre « Femmes crucifiées »de don Aldo Bonaiuto. Il … Lire la suite

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