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Videos on Human Trafficking

The Invisible Chain

A short video about child sexual exploitation. It is part of an wearness campaign based in Uganda where 16% of 11.5 million children population are engaged in child labour.
The film has been made by « End child trafficking Uganda campaign « . 2:34 minutes.

Human Trafficking: Modern-day Slavery in America   
They arrived in the United States from West Africa, young girls held against their will and forced to work for hours on end. But this time, it didn’t happen hundreds of years ago, it just happened now!!!  5:28 minutes

Gem slaves: Tanzanite’s child labour Part – 1   
Mererani in northern Tanzania is the only place on earth where the precious stone tanzanite is mined. Every day thousands of children risk their lives in poorly constructed mine shafts for barely a meal a day. Despite efforts to curb this deadly practice, the global thirst for tanzanite continues to drive these children underground.

Nightmare in Dreamland – housemaides in Dubai  
Every year sees a migration of thousands of African and Asian women to the oil rich countries of the Middle East. Young women seeking a brighter future as domestic employees in Dubai. However, in the fairytale land of Dubai these dreams will often turn into a nightmare of bare survival where these girls become slaves without escape.

Former human trafficking victim speaks out

Kidnapped cousins Kidnapped Cousins: Domestic Human Trafficking
Two cousins are kidnapped from their Ohio neighborhood streets and forced into prostitution. Watch how they are rescued.