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Common misconceptions (myths) about African migration

Asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea wait in line to enter the Ministry of Interior in the city of Bnei Brak, in order to renew their temporary visas or submit their asylum requests,

Four millions of African migrants and their families – like others worldwide – moving to another country offer a chance for a better life with benefits extending to future generations.
Yet beliefs about international African migration are rife with misconceptions that have become part of a divisive, misleading and harmful narrative.
More and more, migrants in destination countries have become victims of violence, xenophobia and other forms of abuse due to faulty thinking and often inaccurate information about migration. Read more.

Migrants crisis or poverty crisis? Why free movement is vital in the battle for global justice

There is no migrant crisis, though thousands
of people die every year attempting to cross the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. But this is not a crisis caused by migrants. It is a crisis caused by war, poverty and inequality. Rich countries, with the help of the highly profitable security industry.

The document of Global Justice Now informs on the situation of migrants and refugees, and on the business of profiting from misery: How security and arms firms are one of the main causes of migration, while at the same time benefit from the security measures taken to prevent migrant from arriving to Europe. Lire la suite.