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Season of Creation 2018 (from 1st September to 4th October)

During this time Christians around the world unite to pray and care for creation. You are called to lead your community and your friends in celebration and in action “walking together,”. Imagine different  ways of living together this journey toward better care of our common home.

Download the reflections and celebrations for each week of the Season of Creation 2018:

1st week (from 1st to 7th September)

2nd week (from 8 to 15 September)

3rd week (from 16 to 22 September) 

4th week (from 23 to 29 September)

5th week (from 30 September to 4 October, feast of St Francis of Assisi)
Ecological Challenges for Religions

The development that is most changing Humanity’s current consciousness is “the new cosmology” of cosmic and natural sciences. For the first time, we have a scientific view of the Universe: its origins, its dimensions, its evolution, the galaxies, stars, planets, and life. This means we have a very different vision than that which we previously held.

In this new “revelatory experience,” the divine element of reality is manifesting itself to us in a new way. Religions need to feel the ecological kairos of this hour and return towards the cosmos and nature, overcoming the current divorce between science and spirituality, between religion and reality. Accepting the challenge of ecology does not mean including “the care of nature,” as one more moral imperative. It is something more: it is a complete “ecological reconversion” of religion itself. Read more.

Season of Creation 


The 1st September the Catholic Church celebrates the Day of Prayer for Creation. But the whole month of September till the 4th of October many Churches and many Catholics celebrate the Season of Creation, a time to take care of creation in a special way.  We offer some reflections and prayers for each week of the Season of Creation.  Read more…

World Day of Prayer for Creation (1st September)

September 1st was proclaimed as the World Day of Prayer for Creation by the Orthodox Church in 1989, and many other Christian churches have joined since then, with Pope Francis most recently in 2015. It was then extended to be a month-long Season of Creation, ending on October 4 (Feast of St. Francis). It is a time to pray, do symbolic gestures and take action for creation. See the planning tool kit. 

Global warming and climate change – Integrity of creation: an issue for religious today

This booklet aims to give  clear information on the issue of Climate Change and Global Warming as well as some tools to address the issue at local, regional and national levels. The booklet will help you to better understand the complexity of the issues, and the need for action to save our planet. We include some scriptural and theological resources.  Read more.


Encyclique ‘Laudato Si’ du Pape François’

Encyclique centrée sur la question écologique, où le pape François invite chaque personne qui habite cette planète à une nouvelle approche de construire l’avenir de la planète. Lire l’encyclique