« Karibu » at the service of AFrican migrants

La pharmacie à Karibu

Ever since the foundation of the « Karibu » Association for the welcome of African migrants in Madrid, the MSOLA have been committed to it. Celsa Jimeno was one of the first volunteers and she collaborated there for years, until her death.  She knew the Africans who passed through the Center and many had become her friends. Gradually, other Sisters who  returned to Spain definitively or who spent time in Madrid, followed her example.

Currently  4 MSOLA are collaborating there.

Christmas celebration at Karibu.

Maruja Peral and Amparo Cuesta spend one morning a week at the Health Center of Karibu where migrants, sick or needing a doctor,  come for medical appointments or to get medicine after having seen a Social Security doctor. The Sisters  fill out medical forms, take care of their needs, phone to make appointments with specialists and act as interpreters during medical consultations when necessary. They also look after the pharmacy : keep medications in order, distribute medicine prescribed by the doctor, or write a letter to a neighboring pharmacy explaining  that the person does  not have to pay since the cost will be covered by Karibu.

On another  day each week Piedad Molina et Maruja Peral handle the secretarial work linked to  the Spanish language course. When  people come to sign up for the course, the Sisters question them to determine their level and decide which class they will join. The Sisters also substitute when  teachers are absent.

Karibu has a health center and 2 Spanish language centers, one for women the other for men.  African migrants can also profit of workshops which can help them  find a job more easily.  There are  two shelters for women and two apartments able to house 6 men each. Food is provided in both places. Conchita Gonzalez is a volunteer in one of the shelters for women and forms them to manage food and housing well.

The new arrivals feel at home at Karibu because they meet other Africans and volunteers who are interested and respectful of them and  they feel they are being treated as persons.

MSOLA communities of Madrid (Spain)

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