Videos Ecological Projects

Recycling waste material

Building blocks from rubble and ash (English). Female engineer in Gaza invents concrete

Gas and electricity (Lamine Ndiaye) (en français)

Electronic appliances in Ghana (English) E-waste recycling:

Nigeria’s Wecyclers in Lagos pick up the garbage abandoned on the streets and are rewarded per kilogram of recyclable waste (English) ; Interview with Bilikiss Adebiyi the woman student who started the project

Transforms the Hyacinths into natural fertilizer and electricity – La dépouilleuse du Fleuve Niger (en français)

Clean up a space of its waste (en français)

Briquettes an ecological coal (Kivu – R.D. Congo – En français)

Cooking Fuel (Agricultural Waste in English)

Producing electricity

Simple solar lamps Mali (en français)

Electrifies his  village alone (Guinea – en français)
-guinee- professeur-maths-electrifie-tout-seul-son-village-natal

Build and install small hydropower plants (in English) (

Gets internet by a new method in an isolated village

Connects an isolated village to Internet through the light! (Ivory Coast – en français)

Using local materials

Furniture and building projects using local materials and workforce ‘in English)

Rural projects

Ecological Farms in Burkina Faso en français: Examples of Sustainable Agriculture

Organic Farms (Claude Arsène Savadogo en français)

 The Songhai Center in Benin in English: development of entrepreneurship in agriculture

Le Centre Songhai au Bénin en français:

Forest Conservation in Malawi (in English)

Tree Planting in Malawi (in English)

Enterprise of organic fertilizers for biological farmers (Claude Arsène Savadogo en français)

Other projects

Stoves low wood consumption made in Malawi in English.

Creation of a solar panel company (Marcellin Drabo et André Béré)

Aide pour commencer des projets

Makesense-Aide-commencer-des-projets (In English & en français )