The Time for Living The Change

From 7 Octobre to the 2nd December 2018 is a time to live part of our response to the recent IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 °C, which provided alarming scientific evidence for the climate damage that should be expected if the world continues on its current trajectory.

By celebrating (rather than simply highlighting) the countless ways that people are already living sustainably around the world, we hope to foster a deeper cultural change that can sway hearts and minds to start taking climate action today.

See how faith communities are celebrating Living the Change in local events around the world in our new Flickr album!

Going deeper

Are you interested in learning more about how and why celebrating sustainable lifestyles is an important piece of global climate action? Check out the personal testimonies about sustainable living on our new Blog … especially this thoughtful response to the IPCC Special Report by Rev. Fletcher Harper, Executive Director of GreenFaith.

Leadership Program

On 22 October, a cohort of 70 local leaders received their certificates of completion for the first “Sustainable Living Leadership Program.” Over the past eight weeks, they were trained by experts on sustainable living and gained skills and knowledge to bring “Living the Change” to their respective faith communities.

Here are some snapshots of what participants liked the most:

  • “It was great to connect with so many people from all over the world and different faith backgrounds.”
  • “I have learnt that faith communities can have a particular voice in the climate change struggle.”
  • “I recognize the broader movement of which I am a part. This isn’t something unique to me or my situation – this is a global movement.”

If you are interested in joining the next course in early 2019, please register here.

Making your voice heard

It’s no coincidence that the Time for Living the Change will continue through the start of COP24, the UN climate negotiations in Katowice, Poland during the first half of December. Living the Change representatives will be attending the negotiations to reinforce the importance of sustainable behavior change and demonstrate how diverse religious and spiritual communities are leading by example. We will also present a broad-based collection of personal commitments to international decision makers, so please make your sustainable living commitment today and ensure your voice is heard at COP24!

We are honored that diverse faith leaders around the world are making their own sustainable living commitments and becoming active partners in our global movement, including:

  • Bishop Efraim Tendero, Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance, which represents 600 million Evangelicals in 129 countries, committed to a vegetarian diet and to power his home in the Philippines with 100% renewable energy.
  • Gretchen Castle, General Secretary of the Friends World Committee for Consultation, the international office of the Quaker community, committed to purchase 100% renewable energy to power her home in the United Kingdom.
  • Tariq Al Olaimy, Co-chair of UNESCO’s Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development partner network, committed to adjust his thermostat 1-2°C (3-4°F) higher during the summer, minimize his air conditioning use, and reduce food waste in his home in the Kingdom of Bahrain by 50%.
  • The Most Reverend Antje Jackelén, Primate of Sweden and Archbishop of Uppsala, committed to eat at least five vegetarian meals each week.
  • Arthur Dahl, President of the International Environment Forum, committed to make his next car in Switzerland a hybrid or electric car.
  • Marie Dennis, Co-president of Pax Christi International, committed to walk or use a bicycle for her repeated errands in the United States.
  • Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black, Co-Founder of the Jewish Ecological Coalition, committed to a range of sustainable behavior changes, including, but not limited to: installing a solar array and purchasing renewable energy to power his home in Australia, eating meat only once each week, and planning to take only non-stop flights without layovers.

Please stay tuned for more updates as the Time for Living the Change continues. In the meantime, you can also click here to learn how you can organize your own local event in October and November!

In faith,

Caroline Bader
Living the Change Director

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