The JPIC-ED Network

The JPIC network of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa (MSOLA) was created in 2011 to help the sisters to integrate the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) dimension into all their apostolic commitments.

The network helps to intensify the commitment of the Sisters to the service of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation and make it the « red thread » that crosses all their missionary commitment.

The network promotes communication and collaboration on JPIC issues at all levels of the congregation.

From 2015 the JPIC Network also includes the dimension of Encounter and Dialogue with other religions and cultures, which has been lived by the sisters from the beginning of the congregation and which is an essential aspect of our charism.

During our 2011 chapter we reaffirmed that called to be ‘all to all people, because all to God’, we join with and sustain people’s efforts in the building of the ‘shared household’ dreamt by the Creator. From there will emerge a more just, pacific, compassionate and ecological citizenship.

We feel the urgency of integrating the dimension of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) in all our apostolic commitments. In this way, we wish to express our solidarity with the whole of humanity and take part in the coming of the reconciled Creation, which Christ brings to fulfilment.

We want to give all our SMNDA commitments an educational dimension in order to promote in the people we meet the sense of a planetary citizenship and empower them to contribute to the birthing of a reconciled humanity. The Chapter invited us to:

  • Live the reconciliation within us and between us in order to promote the reconciliation of Creation.
  • Open ourselves with respect to the contemporary pluralism of religions and beliefs, and continue dialogue with Islam and traditional religions.
  • Open ourselves to migrants and refugees whose numbers continue to increase and whose situations and needs are very different according to the context. Be attentive to them, growing in awareness of their realities and problems, as well as promoting, as far as possible, their integration.
  • Use tools already available in the field of JPIC. Join us in the Justice and Peace commissions that exist in local churches. Enter into partnership with organizations struggling for a just world.
  • Express our solidarity with all humanity and to participate in the coming of this reconciled creation that Christ is bringing to its fulfillment.
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